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Private Coaching

Private personal training will emphasise a tailored approach to smashing your fitness goals. I am able to give you undivided attention, adapting sessions and training patterns in the moment. You’ll walk (sometimes crawl) away from a 1-on-1 session with unmatchable knowledge about your form, technique and potential.

Private coaching sessions are designed to be as tangible as possible so you get the utmost value. You will be pushed to the edge of your limits, but I’ll also make sure I am teaching you the exercise science that is relevant to you personally. I coach people so that they feel not only stronger, faster and leaner, but equipped. Every minute of these sessions is about your optimal method of training.

Semi-Private Coaching

With no more than 4-5 other people in a session, you’re still able to crunch away at your own program with a coach present to spot and make adjustments when needed. You’ll get to know the other people training with you, if you’re up for a big lift or punching out the last 20 seconds of a conditioning set, you’re going to hear a few loud shout outs - that’s a guarantee.

Your program checkins will be personal and sent to you every week! These are based on your performance in the gym. Feel free to change your goals. Want to dig into something new or to focus on a specific lift? We’ll sit down and map out a neat way of training that suits.

Online Coaching

If you’ve already got the big lifts figured out (Squat, Deadlift & Bench), you have your own space to train and want to work out in your own time - all the power to you, that’s the goal! There are a couple of things I can help you out with.

First, if you want a program designed based on the equipment you have as well as some specific goals (e.g. pre-season training or developing that #tortoiseshell back) give me a challenge and I’ll map out a punishing program for you. Second, If you want or need a bit of extra coaching, be that technique advice from the videos you send me or some extra explanations/ demos, we can set that up too.

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Developing durable and resilient athletes capable of producing a match-winning performance any day of the week is the primary goal.



The training structure at JDSP is an individualised system.

Whether you've chosen Online Coaching, Private or Semi-private, you receive your own weekly training program based on personal strengths and weaknesses, suited to your goals and how you like to train.

Injury prevention, rehabilitation and sport-starts, JDSP is a supportive, team environment for you to get after your goals.

As training is tailored, so are prices. These are a rough indication of what you can expect. If you’re uncertain, just give me a bell and we can talk about what works best for you.


Private (1 on 1) Coaching

From $67 — per session

Semi-private Coaching

$70 — 2 x sessions p/w
$89 — 3 x sessions p/w
$129 — 4 x sessions p/w

Online Programming

From $20 — per wk

Online Coaching

From $40 — per wk



"Jono is extremely passionate about what he does and gives 110% to all of his clients. Jono has been programming me for the past 10 weeks and has been with my football club for just over a year now. No matter the time of day he is always ready to provide feedback or give you the boost you need to get it done. He wants the absolute best for everyone he works with and expects nothing less. Champion of a coach and champion of a bloke. Thank you Jono!!"

- Declan Warren

"I've been doing online programs from Jono for the past 12 months and the chassis has never been in better shape. Jono takes the time to understand my goals, and checks in a couple of timer per week for progress reports. The only thing I could mark Jono down on is that his hair is too perfect. It's off-putting and makes me feel a bit insecure..."

- Phil Swan

"3 or 4 months of seeing Jon almost everyday and I couldn't be happier. Great environment to train in and I got better results than I could've hoped for. Very personalised training and coaching, Jono takes the time not only to coach but also get to know every one of his clients. His gym Spotify playlist has been a constant feature in my ear holes since the day he showed me. A couple collaborative playlists later and my Spotify is on a whole new level. Couldn't recommend him highly enough and his multi air instrument playing is second to none. Thanks Jono"

- Jordy McIvor-Clark

We respect the work it takes to become exceptional.