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The System

The training structure at JD Sports Performance is an individualised system.

You receive your own weekly training program, tracking dashboard and accumulated loading map based on your personal strengths, weaknesses and weight-lifting history. This is suited to your goals and how you like to train.

While we focus on the sports-goers, we take a holistic approach to program design and coaching, ensuring that you enjoy your tin slingin’ sessions and make progress.

This is online coaching - not just a program. So you wont be left alone in the 24/7 globo gym wilderness, trying to bicep curl a leg press. We got you.

If you think you’ve had enough of winging it, or you’re dead sick of being called a chicken because #skinnycalves - trial online coaching with JDSP.

No lock in. Just gains.

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Developing durable and resilient athletes, capable of producing a match-winning performance any day of the week, is the primary goal.

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As a young lad weighing 116kg at my lightest - I was thrown onto the fields of competitive Rugby Union to live out 17 years as a prop and being a bit injured. 

Fascinated by a career in high performance sport, I studied Exercise Sciences and Sports Sciences. I payed my way through studies by coaching both youth and mature athletes and found my passion in strength coaching. I’m now based in Samoa working with the Rugby Union in preparations for the World Cup in Japan this year.

Professionally, I specialise in strength and sports performance. However, my coaching business is built on holistically mapping out the best combinations of exercises to suit the individuals strength goals and their resources. 

Your goals are my goals. As long as you’re keen to get strong, lets hash out some targets and train the busted rig up. 

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Jon Danaher

BExSS / ASCA / CSCS / MENTAL health first aid

Strength & conditioning coach - Samoa Rugby Union

Physical Performance Manager, Wilston Grange AFC

Strength & Conditioning Coach, QAFL State Team

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, St. Patricks College Shorncliffe

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Baseball QLD



"Jono is extremely passionate about what he does and gives 110% to all of his clients. Jono has been programming me for the past 10 weeks and has been with my football club for just over a year now. No matter the time of day he is always ready to provide feedback or give you the boost you need to get it done. He wants the absolute best for everyone he works with and expects nothing less. Champion of a coach and champion of a bloke. Thank you Jono!!"

- Declan Warren

"I've been doing online programs from Jono for the past 12 months and the chassis has never been in better shape. Jono takes the time to understand my goals, and checks in a couple of timer per week for progress reports. The only thing I could mark Jono down on is that his hair is too perfect. It's off-putting and makes me feel a bit insecure..."

- Phil Swan

"3 or 4 months of seeing Jon almost everyday and I couldn't be happier. Great environment to train in and I got better results than I could've hoped for. Very personalised training and coaching, Jono takes the time not only to coach but also get to know every one of his clients. His gym Spotify playlist has been a constant feature in my ear holes since the day he showed me. A couple collaborative playlists later and my Spotify is on a whole new level. Couldn't recommend him highly enough and his multi air instrument playing is second to none. Thanks Jono"

- Jordy McIvor-Clark

Rip in.


If you're interested in a style of strength training perfectly suited to your health and fitness background, goals and lifestyle, drop us a line or leave a message in the form below. We'll get you started.


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