As a young lad, weighing 116kgs - I was thrown onto the lush fields of Rugby Union to slog through a glorious 17 years of being a prop and also a bit injured. Fascinated by a career in high performance sport having also dropped 15kgs of unnecessary weight through strength training, I studied Exercise Science and Sports Sciences.

I paid my way through studies by coaching and later found my passion in rehabilitation. I’m now based in Samoa, working with the Rugby Union teams in prep for the World Cup this year.

Professionally, I specialise in strength and sports performance - however my coaching business runs on creating the best map of exercises that suit an individuals potential. Be it preparing for the next season or recovering from the previous.

Your goals are our goals. As long as you’re keen on getting strong, let’s put some numbers down and train the busted rig.

Jon Danaher

Jon Danaher

BExSS/Asca/CSCS/Menta-l health first-aid/black belt karate (kidding but not really).

Strength & conditioning coach - samoa rugby union

Physical Performance Manager, Wilston Grange AFC

Strength & Conditioning Coach, QAFL State Team

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, St. Patricks College Shorncliffe

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Baseball QLD